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Image result for wandooGet up to € 850 urgent at Wandoo.es. New customers benefit from the first free credit . Wandoo is a pioneer in using the Kontomatik system to grant loans 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without waiting and without questions. Get the urgent money you need even on a holiday and at dawn!


Benefits Free: First free credit No Payroll: Do not With Asnef: Do not Cash: Do not Limits Minimum term: 7 days Deadline: 30 days Minimum loan: € 5 Maximum loan: € 850

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 Wandoo is a company of French origin that comes to Spain to offer small online loans of up to € 850 in a few minutes. The requirements to get money fast in Wandoo are minimal and there are no questions or paperwork. With Wandoo, new customers take their first credit of up to € 300 at no cost and without interest , completely free of charge.

The amount of money that can be ordered in Wandoo ranges from € 50 to € 850 , although new customers with their first credit can only request a maximum of € 300. The term can be chosen between 7 and 30 days, although extensions of 30 days can be requested. You can ask for money at any time and receive it instantly as they have a 24×7 concession system based on Kintomatik.

New customers benefit from the first free credit at Wandoo.es , although with a maximum of € 300. The applicant returns exactly the same amount that he has requested, without interest and without expenses of any kind.


Steps to request a quick credit in Wandoo

The entire process is online, in addition Wandoo uses automatic systems to verify both the identity and the solvency of the applicants, so you do not need papers or documents to make the request. You receive the answer at the moment and without waiting, whether you are granted the loan or denied.

1.- First enter the website of wandoo.es and choose the amount of money you need and mark the period of up to 30 days. On the screen you will see the cost of the credit depending on the amount and the term chosen. If this is the first time you request a mini loan in Wandoo, the maximum amount is € 300, although later if you return the money within the agreed deadlines, the limit will go up to € 850.

credit request screen of wandoo.es

2.- Next, a screen appears in which you must fill in your personal and contact information . At the end of the form you must choose a password that will allow you to access the private area of ​​clients from which you will control your loans. Before clicking on the “Continue” button you will see that you must check some boxes in which you accept the conditions of Wandoo and a box in which you authorize the use of Kontomatik, that is the technology that verifies the identity and the account of the applicant.

3.- The third step is for Kontomatik to verify the data , for this they will ask you to connect to online banking. The system is totally safe and is necessary to be able to receive a credit instantly and without papers at any time of the day.

4.- After the data verification, Wandoo tells you if he grants you the quick loan that you have requested, if so, you receive the money in a few minutes.

Wandoo , like most companies dedicated to lending money, is designed for people who need a temporary loan of cash to cover unexpected expenses. Always make sure to request only the amount of money you need, amount that you are also able to return within the established time limit. It is important to plan your expenses and keep them controlled. Excessive debt can lead to problems repaying the loan, which will end up adding additional costs to it. You also have to bear in mind that if you pay your installments within the established period, you can request more loans and a higher amount.

Tips to finance the first communion with a consumer credit does not become a hell


The communions cost € 4,000 on average, although they can reach up to € 8,000 in budget according to a report from the UCA-UCE on the expenses of celebrating First Communion. Faced with these high costs are many families who can choose to go to a consumer credit to pay for the celebration . It is important to bear in mind that, before requesting financing, it is advisable to take into account several guidelines to do it responsibly and to pay as little as possible for the financing.

The 3 fundamental aspects before contracting financing

The banquet is the part that takes more budget , € 3.186 on average , the suit (average € 480 for girls and € 270 for children), accessories, photographic report or animation for the celebration are the main expenses in which we spend most of the money. If we are thinking of hiring a consumer credit for communion, we must take into account the following aspects:

1 – Do not finance the total cost so as not to borrow too much

It is always advisable to finance only a part of the expenses derived from a celebration. Thus, in this case we could request a consumer credit to pay, for example, the banquet and the rest do so with our savings. So the amount owed will not be so large and we can settle it as soon as possible.

2 – Find a cheap loan

If they are large expenses, credit cards will not be the solution since their interests are around 24%. If the amount we want to finance exceeds € 3,000, it is best to go to consumer loans to pay for it since their interests are usually around 8% . In addition, we must look for loans that do not have commissions or linked products to avoid other additional expenses. Among the credits for consumption destined to finance celebrations with better conditions at the moment we find the Cofidis Project Credit :

Lender Quantity Cost characteristics I’m interested
Project Cofidis Celebrations Credit € 4,000 – € 15,000 From 7.5% TIN (8.25% APR)
  • No commissions
  • Without changing bank
  • Transfer in 24 hours once approved
  • No linked products
Apply for

As we can see, not only is your APR in the average of personal loans, but it also has no commissions or liabilities and does not require changing banks to access it. The only thing we need will be to present, in addition to our identification documentation, the proof of purpose.

3 – Shorten the term to save on interest

Once we have decided what part of the expenses of the communion we will finance and we have chosen the credit with the best offer, it is time to choose how many installments and how much we will return the credit . It is advisable to shorten the term as much as possible for two reasons. The first is that we can settle the debt before it is not combined with other extra expenses such as holidays or “back to school” and, second, because the shorter the term less interest will be generated. To see it more clearly, let’s imagine that we decided to finance € 4,000 with Cofidis consumer credit during different periods:

Quantity Cost Term Monthly fee Total
€ 4,000 8% 6 € 682 € 4,094
€ 4,000 8% 12 € 348 € 4,175
€ 4,000 8% 24 € 181 € 4,342

As we can see, the shorter the refund, the less we will pay. However, it is important to choose a fee that is commensurate with our level of solvency so that the payment of the credit does not imply an imbalance in our monthly economy.

Retirement pension: how the calculation is made

How many years do I need to calculate the regulatory basis of the retirement pension?

How many years do I need to calculate the regulatory basis of the retirement pension?

The first premise for calculating our public retirement pension is to add all our contribution bases for the years prior to our retirement . If we add all these bases we will obtain our regulatory base , to which we will have to apply percentages, which vary according to our age, the time that we advance or extend the ordinary retirement age and, of course, our years of contribution.

It should be noted that currently the ordinary age to qualify for retirement pension is 65 years and 6 months, except if we have quoted 36 years or more, which will allow us to retire at 65. The retirement age will be increased at the rate of one month per year until 2020 and, thereafter, two months per year until 2027, in which 67 years will have been reached as the legal retirement age. They will be able to continue retiring then with 65 years those that credit at least 38 years and 6 months of contributions.

The current system not only raises the legal retirement age. It also increases the amount of time needed to receive 100% of the benefit from 35 to 37 years in the year 2027. Currently, at least 35 years and 6 months of contributions are required.

If a worker intends to retire in 2016, the regulatory base will be calculated based on the last 19 years of contributions. This, multiplied by 12 months of the year, results in 228. Each year this scale is increased in 12 months. To continue with the calculation, you have to divide the regulatory base by the divisor, which is the result of multiplying the number of years quoted by the total number of payments (14). In this case, they are now 19 years old by 14, resulting in 266. Each year it increases by 14.

Thus, for the year 2022 the regulatory base will be the result of dividing by 350 the contribution bases of the worker during the 300 months prior to the month of retirement.

Year Computable months Divider Compliant years
2018 252 294 twenty-one
2019 264 308 22
2020 276 322 2. 3
2021 288 336 24
2022 300 350 25

Minimum requirements for the retirement pension

– The worker must have at least 15 years of contributions. Two of them must be included in the last 15 calendar years before the date of application for retirement.

– Having reached the corresponding ordinary age to apply for the retirement pension.

– In 2018 we can apply for retirement at age 65 if we have contributed 36 years or more. If they have contributed less than 36 years, the retirement age is 65 years and 4 months.


What happens if I am autonomous?

Although it is a collective full of legislative and tax singularities, self-employed workers have the right to retire early in the same way as employed workers in the form of voluntary early retirement.

The standard establishes the same requirements in the case of voluntary termination. They can retire in advance at 63 provided they have quoted, at least 35 years. As in the general scheme, the retirement age will be raised to reach 67 years in 2027, so the early retirement age will be two years less, 65 years. The self-employed can not avail themselves of the non-voluntary early retirement formula.

How is it calculated?

The calculation of the first retirement pension that we will charge can be divided into the following steps:

– The first step will be to compile the social security contribution bases of the last years prior to retirement. As we have already explained, in this 2016, the calculation takes into account the 19 years prior to retirement-

– Once we have the contribution bases we will proceed to add them and divide them by 266 . So we will get what is known as the regulatory base. We should not confuse it with the retirement pension. For this we must make a series of adjustments on the regulatory basis.

– The regulatory base must be adjusted according to the number of years quoted throughout our working life . 15 quoted years give right to 50% of the regulatory base. And to access 100% it is necessary to have 36 years.

Find the pension plan that best suits your savings needs: access the BBVA catalog

The regulatory base for those workers who access retirement before reaching the ordinary age will suffer a reduction depending on the time that the retirement age is anticipated .

On the other hand, if a worker fulfilling the requirements to retire delays his retirement beyond the ordinary retirement age, his regulatory base will be increased depending on the number of full years that delays retirement.

Let’s put a concrete case

Let’s suppose that we are a worker of 65 years and 4 months of age who is credited with being 33 years of age in the General Social Security Scheme. The total of its contribution bases total € 345,000. It must be remembered that the contribution bases are updated via IPC, except for the 24 closest to the causal event, which are taken at their nominal value. The regulatory base will therefore be the quotient between € 345,000 and € 266, that is, € 1,296.99.

As he retires at ordinary age and has paid a minimum of 15 years and at least two of those years are within 15 years before the right is generated, he is entitled to receive a pension.

We have already calculated our regulatory base. Now we have to apply a percentage based on the years of contributions. We can divide it in the following steps:
The worker has 33 years of contribution, that is, 396 months, which means that he will receive a part of the pension based on those years but not 100% since it is necessary to credit 426 months or more of contributions.


With the rating agency Dagong, Beijing wants to spread its financial vision of the world

The Chinese agency downgraded the rating of US sovereign debt from A + to A.

Far more severe than its Anglo-Saxon competitors, the Chinese financial rating agency Dagong degraded, on Wednesday, August 3, the note of the sovereign debt of the United States, echoing the Chinese worries: it made it fall of A + simple A; against AAA for US agencies, even though Standard & Poor’s and now Moody’s have placed this rating “in negative perspective” .

On Wednesday, the government news agency, China New, ruled that the lifting of the US public debt ceiling “does not effectively defuse Washington’s time bomb. ” More diplomatically, the governor of China’s central bank, Zhou Xiaochuan, calls on the United States to “keep the interests of other countries in mind. ”

Dagong makes a clean diagnosis after the adoption by the US Congress on Tuesday of text avoiding Washington’s default: “The growth of the US debt exceeds that of its economy.” For the Chinese agency, this posture – much more alarmist than that of its enemy sisters – is a way to highlight its alternative methods, at a time when Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch are criticized. Especially if the idea of creating an agency on the European side matured, why not serve as a model, or collaborate afterward?

To listen to Dagong’s boss, Guan Jianzhong, in his office in eastern Beijing, it’s the grading system that has for too long been headed backwards: “Normally, it’s the one who lends which assesses the risk, but the United States is the most indebted on the planet and has the best ratings.They also have the agencies that rate all the states. ”

Since China has become the banker of the planet, with its 3,200 billion dollars (2,260 billion euros) of foreign exchange reserves, and that its companies invest worldwide, the conclusion is imposed by itself. even. The head of Dagong’s sovereign debt rating business, Lu Sinan, however, remains humble about the agency’s current influence: “Our reports do not yet have the power to change the market.”

Dagong was founded in 1994 and, among the five rating agencies operating in China, has a certain amount of credit with financiers. A western banker in China, however, explains that Asian investors are relatively insensitive to rating guidance and culturally more interested in the company’s image as well as in the yield on its debt.

It was only in the summer of 2010 that the agency embarked on the famous market of the evaluation of pay off the debt of the States- Katmandutrenton. Dagong employs 500 people. But, with only about twenty analysts, the office responsible for the sovereign rating remains limited. “We know 50 countries in 2010, 67 today, but ultimately we target all states,” says Lu.

In particular, the countries of Africa, “because they are important for China”. Financial institutions in Malaysia and Russia have also turned to Dagong. Others, American, “are curious about the methodology”.

By degrading the US debt again, the Chinese agency continues its distribution of slaps, started on July 11, 2010, when it published its first report on sovereign debt. The United States then left only AA, before falling, in November 2010, against a backdrop of monetary easing by the Federal Reserve (Fed), to a modest A +. The United Kingdom fell to the same level at the end of May.

At Dagong, France has rated AA – and placed under negative surveillance since June.

“The debt of France is not at a worrying level, reassures He Yi, the analyst who monitors the country’s finances.The problem lies in the weakness of growth as well as in the risk exposure of other states. European. ”

The recipe of the rating agency designed in China consists of an unprecedented weighting of the evaluation criteria. Guan explains that Dagong mainly looks at a state’s ability to control its economy, financial strength, and foreign exchange reserves. The brochure also mentions “the newly created social wealth”.

In fact, emerging countries are popular with them, especially China. Communist Party leadership, the growth of 9.5 percent and rising reserves of $ 1.7 billion a day rank the world’s second-largest economy among bright students, with stable AA +.

Everything in Dagong’s speech links its rise to that of China. It does not hesitate to celebrate in a statement the first anniversary of a speech by President Hu Jintao at the G20 summit in Toronto in June 2010, on the need to reform the system of rating the finances of the planet. As if both were playing on the same team. Moreover, when the regulator American refuses, in November 2010, the status of the officially certified credit rating agency on Wall Street, arguing the impossibility of supervising from abroad, Dagong bitterly denounces a “discrimination against the China”.

“Dagong is totally independent of the state in its shareholding,” says Guan Jianzhong, ” We must stop suspecting ourselves. ” Dare he, for example, to contradict the Chinese government’s audit office and write that his latest report underestimates the debt accumulated by the local authorities to be 375 billion euros, as Moody’s did on 5 July? The boss of Dagong responds with a new assault on its competitors: “Moody’s does not know, they just want to disturb China.”

Its novel methodology, which in fact rewards the dynamism of emerging countries, reflects a new reality, starting with the imbalance of US finances. But some regret that Dagong is first and foremost a Chinese alternative. “They seem to think that the separation between a rating agency and a government is in principle impossible, and therefore does not need to be tested, which, in the end, must mean something about their own rating guidelines, ” says a professor from a major Chinese university, on condition of anonymity.

“US rating agencies have not been afraid to assign execrable ratings to US states or cities, far less than Dagong, which is clearly lagging behind the market when ‘It’s about assessing risk in China,’ he says.

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Financial Debt Management For The Average Customer

Are you in need of money in a hurry? If you do, after that is no problem. It is unavoidable that emergencies come out of no place that results in a need for money fast. These are usually the days when the money isn’t in your wallet and it isn’t in the financial institution either. If this describes your circumstances, then you are in luck. How may you be so lucky? It really is more or less the fact that there are businesses out there who realize items happen, so they provide you with the chance to receive a loan online / internet – safest and quickest way .

There exists a big reason behind accepting the particular bad creditors. There are lots of people all around the globe in whose credit status is bad. Lenders can’t ignore this type of a large number of populations. If they begin to reject the people with poor credits, they will be left using a few borrowers only which may obviously lead to the end of those loan companies.

One particular step you should take would be to get free help. Yes, you can find it at no cost. And you nevertheless get the same quality associated with service. This will help you evaluate your current financial situation. You will then be prepared for the actual debt consolidation. All your cards debts will be bundled. The business will lobby for the passions to be lowered. Your month-to-month minimum payment will also reduce. Now you only have to make a single payment loan vs installment loan. And that will be to the business. Then they will pay your creditors.

Fast long what is an installment loan are a kind of quick long term loans. These types of loans are available for long term and may be paid in simple installments. This helps the debtor to pay the money in little set amounts, which is decided to at the time of the agreement.

If you choose to see someone personally, there are payday loan and Payday loan stores in most cities. Just check your local telephone index for a location near you. You might want to call and ask what documents or verifications you might need to get with you in order to obtain your own payday loan or cash advance rapidly.

Again, where most people get involved trouble is when they imagine they can pay back their mortgage over a lengthy period. These types of loans have an extremely higher APR which is necessary for these types of lenders to exist.

The online method has the made the procedure simple and fast for this Long Term Personal Loans. Presently there you have to fill an online application with some basic details of your own. This is the best of applying for long-term loans. Details need to be packed in are as follows- your current active account where the money is transferred needs to be 3 months old, citizenship associated with the UK, 18 years of yrs, ID proof which shows your identity.

Poor Credit Motorcycle Loans Are Usually Possible

Due to the increasingly hard economy, there are a number of individuals who may have credit that has suffered. This could make it difficult to obtain the points needed in life like a vehicle. Finding bad credit financial loans can be a challenge for many. Among the best ways to locate a loan for all those credit challenged individuals will be on the internet. From there you can thin down your options for loan companies and loans.

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Regardless of whether you get a regular or poor credit home renovation mortgage, you still need to be responsible with regards to payment. Maintaining or making a good credit score is necessary for the next loan or various other financial transactions. In addition to this, it can do wonders for you since you’ll be able to manage your personal budget better.

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Repairing your credit can seem nearly impossible but with a little bit of know how you are able to rebuild your credit within very easy steps with a bank card. Individual credit cards will allow you to obtain a line of credit and establish your own credit while you are rebuilding your own credit. Follow the article beneath to learn how you can rebuild your own credit in easy steps simply by establishing credit with a guaranteed computer financing card.

When you find the particular credit card company that suits what you’re looking for you can generally fill out an online application. You are able to send in a paper app by mail, but an internet application will give you a much faster approval notice.

Remember to obtain everything in writing and make certain they have a refund plan in the agreement. If you know the particular terms being offered then you will do not have problems with the company and what they provide.

Fairfax Foreign Currency Card Review

If you need to make your golden times bright, then you must spend less today. Therefore, you must make sure you have enough money for your retirement. You need to be well aware of the fact that there will be a time when you will not obtain your paycheck regularly.

Most systems have several online tools to help you choose fudged loans financial products examples are better for you. This can vary by your own danger tolerance, the amount of money you have, as well as the number of years you have until pension.

So what in the event you do? Start by thinking in a different way about retirement. Forget about the budget and the perpetual vacation for some time, and put some quality time directly into thinking about the daily life you want to business lead in retirement. Begin by keeping in mind the times that you felt most happy in the unaflow loans course of your regular existence, rather than when you were on a break. Remember in particular the times if you felt an extreme sense associated with purpose when you were therefore involved in what you were carrying out that you lost all feeling of time. Psychologists call this particular at the state of nondecisive loans “flow. ” What were a person doing? What was a person accomplishing? Who were you along with? What were the actual physical and social circumstances?

What appears to be the problem? Obviously, it is the insufficient a financial plan and insufficient good financial planning guidance. And the first bit of helpful advice is that you should actively deal with your own finances. Try not to depart it to a financial advisor totally. They are good at what exactly they are doing, that is, to work out your own financial plans and give helpful advice on a list of financial products and services. However, the obligation lies with yourself to positively manage your own investment profile to achieve the highest return feasibly. Of course, this should be done inside the context of your own risk urge for food.

However, the conventional wisdom provided by the particular financial services definition hasn’t made diarrhoeal loans achieving our goals any simpler. Conventional wisdom says that you ought to invest more conservatively every year you are closer to retirement. Their own wisdom also says that will in retirement, you should just withdraw 4% from your profile each year.

Now that we now have that out if the method, how does someone choose an organization to represent? That’s really simple: very carefully. Just like they would select the right company to work for using the right pay, benefits, closeness to home, they must perform their due diligence in exploring their prospective company. Understand as much sweeteners loans as you can about it.

There are three simple ways in which you can apply for a credit card. The first way is to react to an offer which you receive within the post which invites you to definitely apply for a credit card. The second method is to go to your financial institution and ask them what credit cards they offer. The third and easiest way is to thoroughly fiendishly loans research which usually cards are available to you and after that to apply for the credit card that provides you the best value and comfort.

Anyone with a rating over 500 should begin with a secured card. These types of carry lower fees and can improve your score at a faster rate. Be sure you fully understand the terms and conditions just before applying for a First Bank associated with Delaware card.